Oprena is a virtual platform curating unique places in various industries that influences the community. By using the latest virtual technology for all our content, we are creating an interactive experience for our users when exploring businesses brands across different categories based on their interests. Our goal is to highlight the products services of businesses featured and make them accessible to our users anytime, anywhere in the world.

Oprena is founded by Emir Talu who currently serves as the CEO of the firm. Coming from a family of architectural designers and tech entrepreneurs, Emir utilized his global network of top-performing real estate professionals, distinctive art-curators and many other impactful leaders from various industries to host their special inventory in a unique all-in-one platform. In addition to its selective content, what differentiates Oprena is the latest virtual technology it uses to highlight all aspects of products featured. By collaborating with world-class influencers and implementing virtual technology, Oprena became an un-matched experience for all users around the world who are exploring their interests.

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